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'The fear of getting older'

Research has recently proven that the majority of young adults nowadays fear getting older. This is mainly because of the current beauty-standards: the younger(looking) the better. They tell you that you shouldn't have wrinkles, dye your hair (especially when you find your first grey ones!) and always fit the smallest size of jeans.


When I heard about this 'fear' among my fellow young-adults, it made me think about it. I think I would be lying if I said I do not at all fear getting older. But when I look at older people, I actually really admire most of them. And I especially love it when they admire themselves for the fact that they are getting older. Because in my opinion we should look at getting older more as it being a blessing rather than a curse. And to also let other people see it this way, I decided to make a photo project about it. During this project I asked multiple women with the minimum age of 60 to model for me as I took their portraits. Beforehand they got their hair and make-up done by Mart de Leest and Noa van Meteren to really let their beauty be shown and asked them to think about what they loved about themselves. To show the world how proud they are and how wonderful getting older can look. 

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